Sound the horn through the bog - Museum Night in Baloži 18.05.2019

With the slogan "Sound the horn through the bog" visitors were welcomed on the Baloži peat railway in 18th May - on the developing narrow gauge peat museum railway, rebuilt by railway volunteers. From the history till nowadays - to see how history and unique industrial heritage is rebuilt.

Museum railway is slowly developing, becoming more interesting every year. In year 2019 for the first time a consist of 5 carriages transported visitors to the peat fields, for a demonstration of peat excavation machinery and landscape of swamp, and also travelling to the opposite end - till the peat factory, for a glimpse through the carriages window on the factory, railway workshops and collection of rolling stock.

This will be the fourth time, when Museum night event is held in Baloži peat railway. Participation in the Museum Night event became possible thanks to the large efforts invested by volunteers rebuilding the railway already for several years, as well as the supporters of the enthusiast society “Bānīša Draugu klubs” and donation givers. Special thanks for the support and aid in development of the peat railway are given to “Pindstrup Latvia” Ltd, “Līvānu kūdras fabrika” Ltd., “Stružānu kūdras fabrika” Plc., “Olaines kūdra” Ltd. and “Klasmann-Deilmann Latvia” Ltd, as well as cooperation partners – Ķekava municipality and Latvia Peat association.

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