Maintenance of railways is not a cheap fun – both the materials and staff costs a lot – that’s the reason why railways are usually lifted (by recurring scrap value) as soon as the traffic volume drops and the railway is not used completely. It is the experience of European and other world museum railways, that railways can be preserved and even developed, if volunteers help in them – in this case salary costs drop or do not exist at all.

   For example, efforts made by volunteers in year 2013 in total were 238 man-hours, in year 2014 – 1756 man-hours, , in year 2015 - 1028 man-hours, in year 2016 - 2279 man-hours, in 2017 collected 3310 man-hours! If this work would have been done by paid staff, the costs of salaries would be in amount of thousands euros!

    Pigeon railway is created as a volunteer maintained museum railway – there are no salary costs. But not everything can be done by volunteers – in these cases we attract contractors (starting from machining of spare parts and finishing with transport and crane services, etc.), what causes costs to the society. And also for a fruitful work session volunteers must be equipped with good tools and materials (paints, metals, wood), what also causes large costs to the society, and at the moment the society is unable to cover them by any earnings, as the state of the museum railway is not appropriate to bring visitors.

   If you want to support BDK and creation of Baloži peat museum railway (Pigeon railway), you are kindly asked to donate, by making a money transfer to the society’s bank account, with a note “Donation” – our bank account details can be found in Contacts section.

   Society “Friend’s Club of Bānītis” since 2012 has received a Publicly beneficial organization status, thus for the donations made to us you can receive tax refunds according to your tax regulations.

   Our supporters:

SIA „Pindstrup Latvia”

Cooperation in development of museum railway (2013-),
support with materials, tools and mechanisms

Financial donation (2016-2017)

AS „Stružānu kūdras fabrika”

Donation of ballast tipping car, snowplough and track materials (2014)

Dāvinājums no AS

Donation of track materials (2017)

RTU TMF Dzelzceļa transporta institūts

Student practical tasks on locomotive TU6A-1885 overhaul:
engine and running gear (2014)
power transmission (2015)
bogies and running gear (2016)

Student practical tasks on locomotive TU6A-1885 maintenance:
engine and running gear (2017)

AS "Rīgas Vagonbūves rūpnīca"

Overhaul of wheelsets for locomotive TU6A-1885 (2014)

Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds

Project "Restoration of canteen's car BC1-2183 interior" (2013-2015)

Project "Restoration of canteen's car BC1-2183 interior. 2nd stage" (2017-2018)

SIA "Līvānu kūdras fabrika"

Donation of spare parts for restoration of locomotives and carriages(2015)

Donation of electrostation ЭСУ1А-499, carriages from track laying train СРП-2, spare parts for passenger carriage and track materials (2017)

SIA "Olaines kūdra"

Donation of historical films about peat production (2016)
Donation of track materials (2016, 2017)

Ķekavas novada dome

Cooperation in development of museum railway and realisation of projects (2016-)

Cooperation in EstLat programme project "Industrial Heritage" (2017-2019)

Kūdras ražotāju asociācija

Cooperation in development of museum railway and realisation of projects (2016-)

SIA "Klasmann-Deilmann Latvia"

Cooperation for transfering of two PV40 type passenger carriages to the museum (2017)

Financial donation (2017)

Jānis Eiduks

Ruslans Kulabuhovs

Ivars Boiko

Dāvis Bušs

Dairis Brokāns

Jurijs Davidjuks

Jurgen Zick

Aivars Galītis

Marina Deļikatnaja-Buša

Viktors Baumanis un kolēģi

Tālis Linkaits

Financial donation and support in purchase of diesel locomotives TU8-0425 and ESU2a-349 (2017)

Aivars Galītis

Jānis Geduševs

Kaspars Tupurins

Marina Deļikatnaja-Buša

Tālis Linkaits

Jurijs Davidjuks

Dmitrijs Kononovs


Financial donation (2018)


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