News and achievements 2014

Achievements in creation of Baloži peat museum railway (year 2014):

  • Depot track repaired in length of 100 m, to permit safe movement of rolling stock from mainline to the depot, in total 61 sleeper has been changed, including 19 concrete, one turnout had been relaid completely and another turnout – repaired.


  • Mainline in length of 500 m was cleaned of from bushes and is used for trips with motor trolley;

  • Small repairs and inspections carried out to the only locomotive on the railway in working condition – the locomotive/loco tractor (former autonomous electro station) ЭСУ1А-481.

  • General overhaul/restoration of diesel locomotive ТУ6А-1885 started – in cooperation with Institute of Railway transportation the diesel engine was overhauled; in cooperation with Riga Carriage building plant – wheelsets overhauled. Work commences on running gear.

  • Restoration of depot’s 3rd track was started, to create additional track for storage of carriages;

Planned tasks:

  1. Restoration of depot’s 3rd track – it is necessary to reinstall one turnout, repair track in 50 m length;
  2. Repair missing parts of mainline tracks;
  3. Rolling stock restoration tasks, especially restoration of the second motor trolley.
  4. Creation of a peat extraction mini exhibition in canteen carriage – a transportable peat extraction museum on rails.

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