Through the time with the narrow gauge train – Museum Night event 2017 in Baloži

Only for the second time visitors had the chance to visit and travel on the developing Baloži peat museum railway, this chance being given during the international Museum Night event on 20th of May 2017. From the creation of the peat railway till the nowadays modern peat extraction technologies – visitors could see how industrial heritage is being preserved and history brought alive.

   This year the event was attended by large number of visitors and they all boarded a narrow gauge train consisting of two and later even three carriages, to take a trip to the peat factory. On the factory ground visitors could explore the exhibition of different age peat extraction tractors – starting from the “pioneer” DT54, and finishing with modern Valtra tractors, which serve the duty nowadays. In a feet walk guided tour more peat extraction machinery was shown, while the train arriving with the visitors passed by the several narrow gauge railway exhibits. Narrow gauge canteen carriage was parked on the event ground, serving all interested with hot drinks and warming atmosphere.
Participation in the Museum Night event became possible thanks to the large efforts invested by volunteers rebuilding the railway already for several years, as well as the supporters of the enthusiast society “Bānīša Draugu klubs” and donation givers. Special thanks for the support and aid in development of the peat railway are given to “Pindstrup Latvia” Ltd, “Līvānu kūdras fabrika” Ltd., “Stružānu kūdras fabrika” Plc., “Olaines kūdra” Ltd. and “Klasmann-Deilmann Latvia” Ltd, as well as cooperation partners – Ķekava municipality and Latvia Peat association.



Photos: D. Bušs, M. Deļikatnaja-Buša

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