BDK collection

Rolling stock items in BDK’s collection (most of them are located at Pigeon Railway):


Locomotive-draisine ТУ6Д-0389
Built 1987, in working state

More information about its history and path to the BDK's collection can be found here (in latvian).


Locomotive ТУ8-0425
Built 1991, in working state


Electrostation ЭСУ2А-349
Built 1980, in working state


Electrostation ЭСУ1А-499
(built 1976, remains)

Received as donation from JSC „Līvānu kūdras fabrika” in 2017

TDUM Nr.19

ТДУМ type motor trolley Nr. 19 („Maija”)
restored, with trailer

Restored 2007-2008, with aid from State Culture Capital foundation

TDUM Nr.54 ТДУМ type motor trolley Nr. 54 („Paija”)
in restoration since 2014
BDK Nr.001

Passenger carriage BDK Nr. 001, built 2018

More information (in latvian): Noslēgusies jaunā pasažieru vagona izgatavošana


Canteen carriage BC1-2183 (built 1988)
in original state, restored 2013-2016

More details about the restoration (in latvian) here (2018), here (2016) and here (2015).


Passenger car (type ПВ-40, 2-nd series) No. 4294
In moderate state, awaiting restoration


Passenger car (type ПВ-40, 1-nd series, number unknown)
No interior details have been preserved, the car is used as workshops

PV40-5174 Carbody of passenger car (type ПВ-40, 2-nd series) No. 5174 and bogies
GMD2 Freight trolley GMD-2, in complete state, but damaged,
awaiting restoration
Ammendorf Nr.3393 Ammendorf type flat car No. 3393, built 1949
Hoperdozators Ballast tipping carriage (model 42-074) No. 506, built 1988, received as donation from JSC „Stružānu kūdras fabrika” in 2014
Stružānu sniegtīris Snowplough built at Stružāni peat factory (made from shortened road machine УПС), received as donation from JSC „Stružānu kūdras fabrika" in 2014
SRP-2 sliežlicēja vagoni

Carriages from the track laying train СРП-2 (built 1968) -
head carriage/crane and intermediate carriage (remains)

Received as donation from JSC „Līvānu kūdras fabrika” in 2017

Platforma 41-0005 Flat car (model 41-0005) No. 10091, built 1984
Platforma 11068 Flat car (probable model 41-0005) No. 11068, built 1980-ties
Platforma 4199 Flat car (probable model 43-083) No. 4199, built 1970-ties
Kūdras vagons TCB6A TCB6A type carriage for peat transportation No. 24081, built 1981

Rolling stock historically preserved on the Pigeon railway, you can see here - Collection.

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